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Steve McMichael , # 76, DT of the Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears stops by

Pocket Puppies looking for a companion for his 12 year old Chihuahua Chulita!


Polly is a year and a half old and enjoys long walks on the beach, boating and swimming. She even had fun rafting last summer. Polly adores peanut butter, but also enjoys chewing on Blahnik shoes! 


Dear Pocket Puppies,

We took home an adorable Havanese about a week ago from your store, and
she's an amazing dog. We named her Hannah, and we love her very much.
She never yips at night, she's got a great appetite, and she already
knows where to find her potty pad. She's learning to play fetch, and
she's extremely enthusiastic about her chew toys. The vet says she's
healthy, and we hope she'll be a part of our home for many many years.
Here are some pictures of Hannah!
Thanks very much!

Sandy & Malcolm Vasher

Hi Lane,

As promised, I'm sending pictures of Doug. I'll send a few more, but since I'm on my BB they'll come in separate emails.

Doug is now 8.5 months. We took him home on May 1 and we are truly appreciative that you gave us the most wonderful dog on the planet. He is smart, social, loving, loyal... I could go on and on. We may have spoiled him but he is just so cute!

He was relatively easy to housebreak but he sometimes still has accidents but he's still young. He is 4 pounds and everyone stops us on the street and asks what he is because, "he is the cutest dog we've ever seen". Doug gets upset if a passerby doesn't say hello to him. He knows he is special.

We aren't going to come in today to see the pomeranian poodle. We did some research and that breed might not be the right fit for us. She is gorgeous though. I think Matt's a little heartbroken.

Would you please let us know if you get any sort of small havanese or maltese mixes? We want to get a sibling for Doug and we are interested in those breeds.
We have referred everyone to pocket puppies and my mom really wants a teacup maltese, so please also let us know when those come in, too.


Jessica and Matt

Here is a picture of my niece Maeve with her two Malti-Poo Pocket Puppies, Peep and Marshmallow.  The Easter Bunny was very generous this year with Maeve’s Easter baskets.  The smile on her face says it all.

~Kathy McMahon

Hi Lane,

Wanted to share some pictures of Fifi!  She will be turning 2yrs old in December.  Many thanks to you and your team for bringing her into our family!!  She fits right in!




This is BOO! He is a rare white teacup Pomeranian who likes to eat grass.

He was adopted by the Primack family from Pocket Puppies. They love him so much they

even created a Facebook page in honor of him!





Just wanted to let you know Boo's great! He's about 3 pounds and he can almost jump on the furniture. The doc gave him a clean bill of health. I'll send some more pics down the road. I would highly recommend Pocket Puppies! Let me know when you get another Pom I would be interested.

~The Primacks


[Brady is a Morkie and his new companion is Maya is a Porkie both of whom were adopted at Pocket Puppies and they love each other!]

Hey Lane,

I'm sure you heard but we ended up getting Brady a companion yesterday!  We got a female Pomeranian Yorkie mix.  They are already best of friends--- see attached.

[This is Butterscotch a Malti-Pom from Pocket Puppies!]

Hi Lane, Thought you would like to see these pics. He won 2nd Place...best dressed...in his formal attire & top hat!...@ Montrose Beach 2010 Dog Festival this past Sunday. Everywhere I go every day...someone stops me to photo &/or pet him. As his agent now let's talk : )

~Laura Muller


[Oliver is a Yorki-Poo adopted at Pocket Puppies]

Oliver was a Christmas surprise!!! I love him to death... his puppy kisses can make anyone melt. He would love to be featured on your website! Woof woof,

Oliver and Mommy Erica

This is my pocket puppy, Oscar!  (Mom: Michelle Pesa) . He is a toy Yorkie-Poo. He is 10 months old, weighs 5 pounds, and has the cutest and biggest ears!

Hi Lane,

Attached are some pictures of Alfie.  The Christmas picture was taken by my husband and the other pictures are from our good friend, Edyta Szyzlo of Edyta Szyzlo Photography.  We had a hard time choosing one.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for always being so nice to Alfie and us.
Lisa Osborne

Hello!!!  Krem is now 9 months and about 21 lbs.  She is the best thing that has happened to Noel and me.  She is such a sweet dog.  We got so lucky to have found such a good dog.  Everyone asks us where we got her and we always say "she's a pocket puppy!"  We might be looking for a brother for her so we would definitely come back to see what you have there.  We keep up with your website and show Krem where she came from.


Noel, Lisette, & Krem


My name is Sheila Townsend, and my daughters and I adopted a Malti Pom on Saturday, February 27.  After much debate, we chose the name Molly for her (we had just come from Molly's Cupcakes). The name seems to suit her perfectly. We tend to call her Molly Pop because she hops around all the time.

I wanted to let you know that she has fit right in with our family. We have 3 dogs at home, a Maltese, a Min Pin, and a Lab-Chow mix. Molly is a 100 pound dog in a 2 1/2 pound body. She wrestles with Shylo (Maltese) and Chloe (Min Pin) and chases them through the house. She is also VERY smart. She actually learned how to play fetch the first night we had her after about 20 minutes of play. She tries to play fetch with toys that are twice her size!

During the day we take her to my parent's house and they babysit Molly. They too have fallen completely in love with her. When I go to pick her up after school, they tell me what Molly did all throughout the day. In fact, today she learned how to go up and down the stairs.

Well, I just wanted to let you know how well she was doing and how happy she has made us all. I will send pictures and video very soon.


Sheila Townsend

Proud owner of Molly

[These are pictures of Galileo a Maltese/Papillon mix adopted from Pocket Puppies]


Hi Lane,

Nice meeting you today, you have a great business with great people and a great reputation.


Christine Park


Monica and Lou Canellis posing

with their new teacup yorkie puppy,

 "Chachi" from Pocket Puppies.


Chachi is now 3 years old and weighs in at 3 lbs!



Hi Lane,
Hope you and your staff had a wonderful holiday.  Well, I thought that I would give you an update on my little one.  Zoey had her first birthday on December 1st.  We were at the vet last week and she weighed in at a whopping 1lb. 10oz !  She is as healthy as a horse.  She is attached to me at the hip and I would not have it any other way! She is the funniest.  When our family got together for the holiday, there was a total of 6 dogs.  Every single one of the dogs were afraid of her.  She has no fear whatsoever, people are amazed.  I take her everywhere in my coat and nobody has a clue. As soon as the weather gets better, we will take a ride down and visit.  I have attached some pictures of her so you can see what a "big girl" she is now.  The second picture shows you her "fox face".  She has the cutest face when she wakes up. 
Send my best to your staff and thank you again for everything.  My experience with Pocket Puppies was both pleasurable and rewarding.  Please feel free to have any of your prospective customers contact me should they want to speak directly to a former customer.  I would love to share my experiences with all.
Best of health for the New Year,
Jolene Nomellini
















Hi Lane,


Hope all is well with you and your staff.  Just thought I would give you another update on my Zoey.  She will turn 2 on the 1st of December and is tipping the scales as 2.0 lbs, yes she's a heavyweight!  It seems like just yesterday I was coming there to visit her before I could take her home.  She is healthy and happy, PERFECT in every aspect!  We will definitely be in to visit soon.  I really have been trying to avoid it because I know I will be walking out with one more dog than I came in with!  Please give my best to all and we will see you soon!


Jolene Nomellini 




Zoey's a beautiful flower for Halloween!


Zoe is my precious miniature Havanese from Pocket Puppies.

She is currently 9 months old. She is always very sweet, friendly, and energetic.

I love her to bits and pieces.

Here are some of her adorable pictures attached.

Thanks, PP!




Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward, and girlfriend Kristin come back to adopt a second Teacup Yorkshire Terrier from Pocket Puppies Boutique. Their first puppy is a 3 1/2 pound Teacup Yorkshire Terrier they named Buster.

teacup Chihuahua


Keith Goetsch's and Michael Frieri's teacup blue Chihuahua "Celia Cruz" is daddy's girl!



Celia Cruz stops by with her daddy Michael to celebrate her 3rd birthday. She's all grown up! She now weighs 2 1/2 pounds!

During a heated competition in the 2009 Lake Forrest Dog Show, Wally, a 2 1/2 pound Yorkshire Terrier from Pocket Puppies, is carefully evaluated by the judges. And yes....he wins first place for Lake Forest's smallest dog! Congratulations to Wally's proud Mommy Anastasia!


Dave Meckler, Professional Hockey player, Right Wing for the LA Kings (#55) adopts two Malti-Poos. These Malti-Poo brother and sister will be living the high life in Los Angeles!

Lily & Chloe are a 6lb 1-year old Coton de Tulear and a 3-year old Teacup 4lb Papillon. Their Mommies are Jennifer and Diane Templer! Lily and Chloe are best friends! They both were adopted at Pocket Puppies!

Hi Lane,

Kuk and I were in the store this afternoon. He's a great little guy and everyone

who meets him falls in love with him. 


Susan Spencer

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: shii poo update
From: ervin malakaj
Date: Thu, August 06, 2009 10:03 am
To: lane
Hello Lane,

My name is Ervin Malakaj and I have recently gotten my little Darlene (brown Shii Poo) from Pocket Puppies. I am writing to give you guys an update on how she is doing. A couple of days ago Carol called and left me a voice mail, but I have not been able to give you guys a buzz due to my moving schedule. 

Darlene is doing just fine. She is wonderfully active and her appetite at first was a bit worrisome, but I keep on forgetting that she is just a puppy and not a grown dog. According to your guys' measurements in my binder, she is just fantastically on target. 

I have also posted a review of you guys online. Some of the other negative reviews are just not true and I had to fill one out. 

Hope all is well,

Ervin Malakaj

Department of Germanic Studies 

Washington University in St. Louis

Hi Ervin,

Thank you for your kind words of support. I'm so glad she is doing so well. Currently we are in talks with various blogs to remove the false reviews from their website. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Please send us any pictures of Darlene for our website. Take care.



Pocket Havanese

Christine Hazer and Mike Gandy, Professional Football Player and former Chicago Bear (now a member of the Arizona Cardinals (#69)) stop by and adopt a little Pocket Havanese girl!


Hi Lane,

I have to admit …. I have the cutest puppy!I feel very lucky to have found Fifi!  The day I came in to just “take a look” I couldn’t believe I found this beautiful shih tzu, so sweet and so loving!  Fifi has not only brought so much joy to me, but also my whole family.  She loves to be around other people and they just fall in love with her playful and sweet personality.Your team has done a great job with all her grooming as well! 


Shih Tzu

Today is her 5 month b-day! (12-04-08)

Mommy:  Sophia

Shih-Tzu girl


Vanessa Robinson gets her wish for a puppy from Pocket Puppies Boutique!  Pocket Puppies let Vanessa pick any puppy in the boutique and she fell in love with a little Shih-Tzu girl!


Havanese and Pomeranian

Debbie Dieger picks up her fifth (Havanese) and  sixth (Pomeranian) Pocket Puppy from Pocket Puppies!


Debbie stops by and now has 7 puppies from Pocket Puppies!

Maltese Izzy

Nicole Manion loves her little Pocket Puppy. She named her little teacup girl Maltese Izzy.

Used to be dress-up meant heels and pearls on little girls. But all that changed with the advent of the hottest new canine couture firm "BARQUE," brought to the runway by Gold Coast Fashionista Gay Roberts. Started out Ms. Roberts, a former New York couture model and sportswear designer, suffered from puppy love, and began knitting knock-out sweaters for her darling Fergie, The Duchess of Oak Street (pictured)--a 3 pound Teacup Yorkshire Terrier who, of course, was purchased at Pocket Puppies Boutique! Word of Fergie's fanciful outfits spread, and, voila! BARQUE, the greatest new designer dog clothes firm was born!

Hey Lane! Just wanted to give you an update on Prince Louis! He just turned 6 months on October 6th and is growing into the best companion I could have ever asked for! Even though he is a little boy he loves to get dressed up and surprisingly doesn't mind the bows I put in his hair. We just discovered his new talent which is singing or is it howling? HA! I myself am a vocal performance minor in college and in hearing me practice at home the Prince has decided to join in and starts to sing along when he hears me sing a high note, it is the cutest thing I have ever heard! Everywhere I go people stop to tell me how adorable and friendly he is. I have had many dogs in my life and none of them compare to this little guy, I just love him so much and couldn't be happier. I really just wanted to say thank you for giving me the best companion and will continue to update you along the way.


Christopher B. Ferralez & Prince Louis Vuitton


[Morkie Adopted By Caroline Hebel]



What beautiful parents--no wonder our little guy is so adorable!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for forwarding these to me and for your knowledgeable and customer-focused approach to this business. I was extremely impressed by the whole process, especially the orientation presentation and the introduction I had with you to Pocket Puppies. Cara is an exceptional employee with a passion and understanding for/of dogs that's as palpable as it is reassuring. I will definitely recommend your shop to others!


Quite fondly, 

Caroline Hebel



Teacup Yorkshire Terrier


Chasity, Alijah and  Professional Football player, Danny Clark #55 Outside linebacker for the New York  Giants adopts a little boy Teacup

Yorkshire Terrier!

Chihuahua Bella

The Make A Wish Foundation grants Jolene her wish for a little Chihuahua girl from Pocket Puppies Boutique! Jolene named her Chihuahua Bella!

Hey Lane,


Lola is a 7lb Havanese that is almost 5 months old and her mommy is Christine Lo! 






Blaike and Logan Young holds "Juicy" a Teacup Yorkie whose mommy is Beverly Young.


Just wanted you to know how our little gal is doing. She has adapted
well to the warmer weather in Los Angeles and loves her Yorkie sister
Lola. I can't thank you and your staff for their patience with me. I was in

Chicago for 6 weeks on a movie and visited your store whenever I had a

moment to get my puppy fix. The little female Morkie just spoke to me. I

knew she would be a perfect fit for our family even our cat Alfie adores her.
A Very Happy New Year to you and your terrific staff!

Best Regards,
Marol Butcher
Los Angeles, CA
P.S. The film I produced is titled "The Return of Joe Rich" starring
Armand Assante, Sam Witwer, and Talia Shire. It should be in theater next year.





Hi Lane,
Wanted to send you a few photos to update you on my little Morkie
Violet. She is on your website already under Customer Testimonials.
Violet has grown into a beautiful little girl. She is full of energy and
curiosity. Everyone who meets her - adores her. She has become a member
of our family - making close relationships with her "sister" Lola ( a
Yorkie ) and especially with her "brother" Alfie ( a Singapura kitty ).
I have attached a few photos so you can see how she has grown !
1. Violet Graduates from Puppy School
2. Violet in the Spring
3. Violet catching up on Current Events
4. Violet in sweater mommy knitted
5. Violet on Purple
Lane, I am recommending your store to dear friends of mine in search of
a small dog. They will probably come in to visit this weekend.
Thanks again for sharing the gift of Violet with me.
Marol Butcher

This is Bella ! I love my pocket puppy baby!

~Ramona Martinez

This is Millie, our 10 month old teacup poodle. She is the best dog....loving, funny, and smart!

                      ~Jennifer Peck

Jordan is an 18 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she is only 10 lbs.

She loves snow and recently got her first pair of boots which she is still getting used to. 

She loves playing with other dogs, but loves playing with people more.

She is a huge cuddler and loves to sleep in between mommy and daddy.

She likes to watch tv sometimes and is very curious about the computers screen saver (it is my name that bounces around and she actually follows it, lol).

She gets excited when the alarm clock goes off in the morning because she knows that means its times for her first walk of the day. She loves getting baths!

She's the best :)
~Nichole Nichelle Lane, M.S.


Hi Lane!


I want to thank you so much for bringing Saffron in my life.  She is such a great puppy!  I get stopped constantly when I am out with her and have nothing but great things to say about her and Pocket Puppies.  She's growing and eating healthy.  We've also begun to take puppy training classes together.  Again, thank you so much for everything.



Faith Bennett

Doug Banks

Doug Banks stops by for a 190 North Shoot at Pocket Puppies.

Hi, here is a picture of my French Bulldog, Greta.  I got her at Pocket Puppies almost 2 years ago and she is perfect!  Thank you!


-Jane Garrett

"Samurai Kitti" is a teeny  6lb Imperial Shih-Tzu and her daddy is Byron Hatfield! She was adopted at Pocket Puppies over 3 years ago!

We bought our little Jerry in October of 2006. He's 7lbs, and we just love him!! I've attached a picture of him as a puppy in the leaves and this past spring (09) in his polo and one from this Christmas (09).

~Julie Garcia



[Bella is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix]

Thought I would send along some pictures of Bella. I purchased her from your store this past September. She is great and has a great personality (unless you are trying to groom her, watch out)!! I also have a cat and they get along great.


-Kari Olbrecht





I just wanted to send along a photo of Bella for her one year birthday! She is so much fun to have around and definitely is a little show off.
Hope you enjoy the photo!

Kari A. Olbrecht



[Lucky is a Havanese /Maltese mix adopted at Pocket Puppies]

Attached are the pictures of Lucky; Havamalt. Lucky is 13weeks now and doing fine.
He is very healthy and active.

8.5 month old (birthday Aug 17) frenchie & 4 month old frenchie (Gabby's brother; not the same breeder but they're siblings :) )

 Daddy Dave Malenfant and Mommy Laura Tabrosky



          We stopped in Saturday with our little Pomapoo Sofia.  She is almost 6 months old, we got her back in February from your store and we absolutely love her!  Here are some pic's!

     ~ Veronica Guadalupe


She is a snuggle bunny! She enjoys being loved and she is very affectionate! She doesn't like the vacuum and hates when we leave her alone! Hahaa Actually the only time she barks is if we are leaving! She is very quite for a Pomeranian! Doesn't yap at all! Her name is Mishu!! My fiance's friend named her because he said she looks like a teddy bear and Mishu means Teddy Bear in Polish !! I thought it was cute so I went with it! She is 4 years old!

~Christina Falica 

[Geo is a Maltese/Toy Poodle mix]

This is Geo, he is 6 months now. I bought him in November of 2009. He bring so much happiness to my life and I love him sooo MUCH! Thank you Pocket Puppies!
                                                                                                    Love Jackie Villagomez

I love my pocket puppy! This is 9 month old Max Tucker Peanut a Havanese living in Lincoln Park who loves cheese and meeting new doggie friends in the park more than anything! I'll be back soon for another!! thanks

Jess Burley


Hi Lane:

I've tried dropping by a few times with my dog, Henry, but have missed you.  We bought Henry from you in March 2007.  He is the mini Cavalier King Charles Spaniel featured in the ads for Pocket Puppies!  He turns two next Friday and I thought you might be curious to see how the little guy turned out.  He's in great health and very happy; he's a wonderful companion.  I've attached a few pictures for you to check out.  Thank you for helping to bring him into our lives.  Everyone he meets loves him and thinks he is the cutest dog ever!


Melissa Skiles


This is Pancake, a Borkie (Bichon/Yorkie), and Potato's sister.

She's just about and is about 5 lbs. She is the greatest dog.

 I am so happy I got her! She sleeps with the Teddy bear in

 the picture every night too!              ~Megan Pfaffenroth

[Gucci is a 3 1/2 lb teacup Maltese/Pomeranian mix]

Thank you for the best pup ever! I hope to reiceve a new addition to
our family soon!! This quote is how I feel about Gucci every morning.
Happy 4th July weeknd to Lane 

A dog has no use for fancy cars…

Or big homes or designer clothes…

A waterlogged stick will do just fine…

A dog doesn’t care if your rich or poor…

Clever or dull, smart or dumb…

Give ‘em your heart and he’ll give you his.

How many people can you say that about?

How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special?

How many people can make you feel … extraordinary?


Hi All:
My name is Robyn Messman and I purchased my little princess the summer of 08.
Chanel Mariee Sierra Messman is the best little angle and a true blessing to me.





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