Shih Tzu



Shih Tzu's originated from China and were bred as far back as the Ming Dynasty. Standard size for Shih Tzus are 9lbs to 16lbs but can weigh much more, sometimes well over 20lbs. However, Pocket Puppies specializes in the "Imperial Shih Tzu" which can range from 5 to 8 lbs.  If you're looking for a quiet dog Shih Tzu's are the dog for you! Shih Tzu's are the least vocal of the Toy breeds. Shih Tzu's were bred as companion animals and its temperament is outgoing, happy, affectionate, friendly and trusting towards all thereby it is well suited for families with children.  Shih Tzu's have hair-- like humans.  They're hypoallergenic and will not shed.



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