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Steven Tyler, lead singer for the band Aerosmith and American Idol judge, stops by Pocket Puppies to adopt two Pocket Puppies. A Yorkshire Terrier he named "Butch Cassidy"  and a Teacup Morkie he named "The Sundance Kid".  He talks about his Pocket Puppies in a recent TIME Magazine article. READ STEVEN TYLER INTERVIEW HERE.


Steven Tyler leaving the Trump SoHo in New York with his Pocket Puppy "Sundance Kid" a Morkie(Maltese/Yorkieshire Terrier) he adopted at Pocket Puppies Boutique in Chicago. Steven Tyler carries Sundance in Pocket Puppies "Pawpoose" carrier.


Congratulations to actress & director Katlynn Simone, who plays  Treasure on the hit television show Empire purchased a yorkie-poo boy from Pocket Puppies!

Congratulations to Maria Wirries, star of the hit play "Dear Evan Hansen!" She adopted a beautiful Pomsky boy!

Congratulations to Professional Basket Ball Player for the Chicago Bulls Cristiano Felicio and girlfriend Elena Kennedy for purchasing an adorable English Bulldog girl!

Pocket Puppies Boutique was thrilled to partner with The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation to raise funds for the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. Pocket Puppies donated a Pocket Puppy for their auction. Jackie and Charles are familiar with Pocket Puppies-they have a two year old Yorkshire Terrier from Pocket Puppies!


Congratulations to the Gumiran family who purchased a beautful Malti-Pom from Pocket Puppies! Marty is only 4 months old and is very smart! She pee pee pad trained in only 4 months!

Congratulations to Kevin and Danielle Jonas,  of the Jonas Brothers,  for a little chocolate girl Shih-Poo they got from Pocket Puppies! Kevin surprised Danielle and gave her a puppy for her Birthday. They named their little girl "Ruby".
Here is an article about the Pocket Puppy surprise!

So three weeks ago, we walked into your store and waited in line for what seems like forever!!! A little bit of back story, I “gave notice” all the shelters and local FB groups in my area wayyyy back in November and then about 3 reminders afterward that I was looking for a non-black Pomeranian less than 1 year old and that I would be dumping up to my entire tax refund on a “pet store” dog if no good adoptions came about. Me personally, I have no problem with pet stores, of course if I could find a less-expensive route, the smart choice would be to take that path. Nothing came to fruition, so there I was with my longtime girlfriend Staci and after totally misjudging your Chicago subway system, I swear we walked 2 miles (or more) to get to your store at a balmy Windy City 40°F. Brrrrr!
We waited (impatiently) for our turn to check out your pups. I instantly fell in love with your female Pom, number 15-129. But she was a LOT of money for me. I told Staci “no let’s go.” She started crying. My defenses were absolutely crushed. That’s when I called on you and said “let’s talk money.” You were REALLY busy with a gadzillion customers so it took twice before you realized I was absolutely serious, lolz let’s talk MONEY! 
So if you recall a few weeks ago, here’s the “after” story. The taxi cab went GREAT actually!! It was only $15 bucks to bring us back to Michigan Avenue and the driver was very awesomely receptive to the dog; he got a $10 tip for being awesome! So we left Chicago and went back home to Champaign, IL area.
We did NOT make it back up there to your vet for the congenital guarantee, but it is what it is, I’m fine with that, I have no choice at this point.
I did want to at least let you know though that she has STOLEN OUR HEARTS!!! She is everything to us!! Attached is a nice shot that you can use for whatever purpose (as long as it’s PG-rated hahahaha!!). She really is a weight on our shoulders and yes, she is sticking her tongue out, lolz! I lived in Japan for 7 years and I LOVE Japanese names, always have. As such, we named her Miya (MEE-yah). She’s getting good at responding to her name and as you can see, we are doing GREAT with car rides!! She’s a touch aggressive with tug-of-war, but we are doing a LOT better with mouthing and fingers versus chomping entire human noses off! Haha! When we first brought her home, she ended up with a touch of diarrhea for a couple days but that cleared up quite nicely. Our vet down here gave her a good thumbs-up and we got a shot of DHLPPC+Worm if that abbreviation makes any sense to you. We are due more shot(s) on 3/27. Not that you need to know, but we did come to your store and go kinda hastily and if I were the owner, that would make me nervous. I just want you to be reassured that we are taking the best care of her as we know how and she’s taking care of us. 😁😁 No problems eating or drinking as of now (knock on wood) and she is still getting her tube of high-calorie nutritional gel (pea-size) three times daily. She wakes up about 4-4:30amEVERY morning ready to play with 500% energy locked and loaded and ready to go, being vocal the whole time!
So much to talk about in only 3 short weeks, but never enough time! Just know that Miya is doing great and we would not trade her for anything!! This picture (almost) proves that when I said that Miya would be left alone for probably LESS than zero hours a week, I wasn’t kidding. Many thanks to you and your staff!!! 

Michael Schwartz

We just wanted to say how happy we are with our two babies! We got Perry (on the right) three years ago from Pocket Puppies and could not be happier with her. Last week we went in to get a baby brother for Perry. She loves Keanu and he completes our family!

Heidi Canchola

My name is Minnie, and my Mommy came and took me home almost 3 years ago from the boutique. She is so thankful that she found me, she originally came for a tea cup Morkie, but of course, I stole the show! And thank goodness I was there! My Mom lost her Mom months prior, and she was so lost (She was an only child) I insisted on her getting up and facing the day, I started with little things like feeding me and making sure I was OK! As I got older, I helped her to talk to her loved ones, because of course she couldn't help but brag how adorable I am.
Even though, I could never take the place of my Glam-Mommy, I am another soul that will love her unconditionally!
Minnie Meh White
I just want to sincerely thank Pocket Puppies for helping me find my Me-Me (MINNIE)
she has brought joy in my entire family's lives! When I got her the lady told me that because she was so small the she would be delayed in a lot of things, well please let her know, she was incorrect, this princess is so SMART and AMAZING, to be just 2 1/2 pounds!!!
Nicole Young

Congratulations to Jose Ramos, cast member of  the Broadway show "Hamilton" who purchased a little Morkie boy he named Robin--his trusted sidekick!

Congratulations to professional basketball player Ben Gordon and son on the adoption of an English Bulldog and Dachshund to celebrate his son's Birthday!

Congratulations to Professional Baseball Player for the Chicago White Sox Michael Kopech and 'Riverdale' star Vanessa Morgan for purchasing a tiny boy French Bulldog!

Happy Holidayss! Raygan is the best dog! Thanks again for finding her for my family!

Heather Walsh


Professional Baseball Player for the Chicago White Sox Addison Reed (Pitcher) and wife Cady Reed stop by Pocket Puppies to adopt a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier they named Max!

This is my pomchi Yoshi! (See attached)  He was born on January 18, 2017, and I adopted him from pocket puppies in march of 2017. I just graduated law school last month and he was there for me for all my late night study sessions!  We even took a law school gala photo together!  Also, he goes by Yoyo and has an instagram! 
Linda Roelans

Professional Boxer and WBC, WBA,WBO Middlewieght Champion of the The World Miguel Cotto loves his Pocket Puppies especially when they give him kisses! Miguel purchased two teacup Yorkshire Terriers Chloe and Tiffany from Pocket Puppies Boutique. Miguel is a good son and purchased Tiffany for mom for Mother's Day! 


Congratulations To Alderman Susan Sadlowski Garza (10 Ward) on the adoption of her little Morkie girl!

Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward, and wife Kristin come back to adopt a second Teacup Yorkshire Terrier from Pocket Puppies Boutique. Their first puppy is a 3 1/2 pound Teacup Yorkshire Terrier they named Buster and the second Pocket Puppy they named Max!

I have had my puppy (Lola)  for a week now. She is already paper trained an cries once during the night to go release herself then back to bed. She is the light in my life and has fill my home with pure love. She is in excellent health.

I will always send and come back to Pocket Puppies for the REAL small dogs this is a place you can trust!


Dee-Dee Campbell 


This is Bosco.  He was born on May 28th 2016. We bought him from you and picked him up at 1 pound 15 ounces. Bosco is now close to 7 pounds

Lou Santello

This is Molly! My family walked into the Pocket Puppies store in 2010 to look at the boutique and somehow left with a 3 month old Maltese/Pomeranian. 

She loves treats, belly scratches and snuggling up under your chin. Oh, and she loves the outdoors! If she could, she would spend every minute of every day running through the grass and sniffing the flowers! 

We have never had any regrets and Molly is a spoiled but not too rotten sweetheart who we love and adore! 

Sincerely, Molly's big sister

Shiela Townsend

Hi Lane,
Please see attached for pictures of our 6 month old HavaPeke, Dagny. We got her at the end of last year and she stayed with Natalie over Christmas when we went to Argentina. She loves to play fetch and knows how to sit, lay down, sit up and sort of to stay (we're working on stay and shake right now). She also loves her toys-- all of them-- but especially one that's a pig stuffed animal that's about her size. I have older pictures with the pig but all the recent ones are too blurry. 

We love her dearly and she's got a HUGE personality which is getting more and more entertaining by the day. We're thinking of getting her a sister now that she's housetrained and spayed (we're pretty sure we want another girl)- maybe another Havanese or a Morkie. I texted Natalie this morning as we'd like to bring Dagny in for a grooming and I saw some new Teacup Morkies and Havanese on the site today. 

Please feel free to let me know what litters you have coming up and what puppies might be available soon. We're not in a huge hurry but thought now that she's nearly trained it would be a good time to add a companion for her since she's so social. 

I'd also like to get her in for a grooming if you have an opening next weekend. 

Monique Mahler

Click on the picture to see Mila in action!
Hi Lane

This is Mila. the mini goldendoodle in Fetch Academy. She has been home 6 days and is almost potty trained.

Thanks for everything. Best regards.

Hilel Swerdin

Miss Kardashians first grooming she always has her glam squad close by! Her sister Audrey loves her puppy cut. Her fans were shouting  as she left Pocket Puppies "oh my God the cutest puppy in the world"! We love our Kim!!

Linda Carallis

The Schnieder family love their 3lb two year old  yorkie "Mufasa".

Congratulations to Darrin Jackson and family on the adoption of their little Yorkshire Terrier boy! Darrin is a former Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs player and is currently a broadcaster for the Chicago White Sox. GO SOX!

                 Meet "Medaasi" a ShihTzu adopted at Pocket Puppies.

Medaasi means "thank you" in Ghana.
 Medaasi is a full fledged therapy dog and is

quite good at it! She lifts up the spirits of all her patients
with lots of kisses! Click on the video to see her at work

Meet Sophie (picture enclosed). I bought this precious little girl from Pocket Puppies. She is now 6 months old. She is showered with love from her Mommie & Daddy (Christe & Niko). We are strongly entertaining the idea of getting her a fury friend from Pocket Puppies again!

Thanks for all you do,
Christe Bottigliero
Stryker and Cooper enjoying their flossies from pocket puppies!!!

Andy Davis

I got Lily from you guys two years ago yesterday when she was nine weeks old...she is the sweetest pup with a lot of energy...We've been thinking about getting Lily a little sister soon :)

Sara Kraft

I got Sophie (on the left) last December. I just thought I would let you all know how great she is doing. She loves her "big sister" Bella to death and they have tons of fun running around causing trouble all day! She will be 1 next month and weighs 6lbs. We are going to throw her a Halloween themed puppy party and all her furry friends will be there. She has the BEST personality and absolutely loves meeting new people and animals!! Thank you pocket puppies for my little one.

Amanda Godlewski
This is our our 2 year old Molly, our third Yorkshire Terrier from Pocket Puppies.  She loves hugs and kisses, and loves to play fetch, and we never taught her, smart as can be.  She lets you know when she wants her toys out of the toy box and when it's treat time.  She loves her brother and sister but will mimic everything her brother does, if he kicks back, so will Molly, if he rolls around on the grass there's Molly.  Our Benji 8 years old, Gracie 7 years old are posted along with our son and daughter in law Min Pins 8 & 7 years old Tyson & Rocky, also from Pocket Puppies.  Can't wait to get Toby, already have the name picked out, I told my husband we have room for one more and he agrees!!!!! 


George & Sonia
Hi, Lane
Thank You so much to Pocket Puppies for letting us have our second daughter we had so much fun with Rosie, specially our daughter Kayla. She's full of energy and lots of love.We really appreciate everyone at Pocket Puppies so here are some photos that we would like to share to you.
Don, Katrina, Kayla & Rosie
Coco is a Teddy Bear who just celebrated her 1st birthday June 5th when she was purchased at Pocket Puppies! Coco's mommy and daddy own the resturaunt Kabuki adjacent to Pocket Puppies! Stop by the food is excellent!
Hiro is now 12 weeks old and weighed in at 2.6 lbs at the vet when he was 11 weeks! He is doing great and absolutely loves meeting new people and dogs.

Demi Santamaria and
Edward Stupay

Hi! We bought Lola last December and wanted to send a pic. She is such a good dog! We love her to pieces and spoil her rotten! So glad we made that impromptu stop!
Milo is 2 years old and 3lbs!

I don't know if you recall this little puppy - Izzy - born June 5th 2011, and I purchased her from you on August 11th 2011.

I flew her to England in January 2012 and she has been living here ever since!

Here are a few little pics of her!

Sarah Crook

Here is a recent pic of Ribeye the chorkie ! He is very smart and very sweet. Loves to cuddle. Weighs 2.3 pounds at 2 years old now. Such a joy to our family!

Thank you again !


Hi Lane,

Please see attached for pictures of our 6 month old HavaPeke, Dagny. We got her at the end of last year and she stayed with Natalie over Christmas when we went to Argentina. She loves to play fetch and knows how to sit, lay down, sit up and sort of to stay (we're working on stay and shake right now). She also loves her toys-- all of them-- but especially one that's a pig stuffed animal that's about her size. I have older pictures with the pig but all the recent ones are too blurry. 

We love her dearly and she's got a HUGE personality which is getting more and more entertaining by the day. We're thinking of getting her a sister now that she's housetrained and spayed (we're pretty sure we want another girl)- maybe another Havanese or a Morkie. I texted Natalie this morning as we'd like to bring Dagny in for a grooming and I saw some new Teacup Morkies and Havanese on the site today. 

Please feel free to let me know what litters you have coming up and what puppies might be available soon. We're not in a huge hurry but thought now that she's nearly trained it would be a good time to add a companion for her since she's so social. 

I'd also like to get her in for a grooming if you have an opening next weekend. 

Monique Mahler| kCura

My yorkie louis smalls getting pampered at louie vuitton!

Mike Segarra 

 Professional Baseball Player for the Chicago White Sox Dayan Viciedo (Left Fielder #24) and wife stop by again at   Pocket Puppies with son Dayan Jr. to adopt a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier they named Toby. Toby is the second puppy from Pocket Puppies Dayan also adopted a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Blanco! Most recently, the Viciedo family purchased  their 3rd Yorkshire Terrier from  Pocket Puppies!

Congratulations to Hayley Butcher, U.S. Gymnast who just purchased a teacup Pom-Chi and who also qualified for the World Games!

Hi Lane, 

Sorry it took so long to get this to you. Thanks again for my puppy, she is amazing! 
Hayley Butcher

Aaron Brooks, Professional Basketball player for the Chicago Bulls,  stops by to adopt a Malti-Poo girl. Aaron  made sure his new family member was dressed up for the cold with a hip doggie jacket!

Congratulations to Henry Melton, Professional Footabll player for the Dallas Cowboys and former Chicago Bear  on his adoption of a beautiful French Bulldog from Pocket Puppies!

Congratulations to Marjorie and Steve Harvey on the adoption of their Mal-Shi girl. Look for the new family member to appear on the Steve Harvey Show on NBC!
Congratulations to the Skaggs family of Wisconsin. They celebrate the 10 year birthday of  Scrappydoo (right), snickerddoodle (middle), and Barney (left) 2 Yorkshire Terriers purchased at Pocket Puppies!


Monica and Lou Canellis posing

with their new teacup yorkie puppy,

 "Chachi" from Pocket Puppies.

Professional hockey player Dave Bolland  (center for the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks) and fiancé Julia, stop by to adopt a Toy Poodle they named "Jayla" who is modeling Pocket Puppies  latest Blackhawk jersey.

Congratulations to Bringham Young University coach Guy Holiday  and to Michelle Lambert, mother of Professional Basketball player for the Chicago Bulls, Jimmy Butler on the adoption of a beautiful French Bulldog Girl!
We adopted our fur baby, Sophia Grace, exactly 1 year ago and she is the most loving, precious puppy. She loves every person she meets, she loves all animals (even when they don’t love her back), she even likes bugs (she will sniff them and follow them but will never try to eat them or hurt them). She is very smart and playful. She knows how to sit, lay down, give high-fives, roll over, and stand! Her favorite game to play is fetch with any of her toys! Thank you pocket puppies for finding us the perfect addition to our family! :)
She met Santa for the first time this year!

-Jessica & Asher  
Hi Lane,

We adopted 2 Maltipoo puppies on Labor Day this year, 2014. They have brought so much love and happiness to our home!
Happy Holidays!
The Nothstine Family
Green Bay Wisconsin
This is our Diva
She is now 9 months old now
And weighs in at 3lbs.
We love her to pieces
She brings so much joy to our family. 

Leslie Kosobucki

Hello Lane

Almost three years ago Luke Murphy and I walked into pocket puppies and bought the sweetest French bulldog from you. He has turned out to be the sweetest, most obedient member of my family. He also volunteers at one of the best hospitals in California and the country Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, CA. He spreads joy to countless patients and doss everything with a big smile as you can see in his badge below. 

I just wanted to say thank you for helping contribute to him being in my life and bringing me and others so much joy!

Elizabeth Corrales 

Bella is a 1 year old Cava-Poo from Pocket Puppies.

-Tejal Mehta 
Ivan and Lilliana Fernandez, owners of the Aragon Theatre, stop by Pocket Puppies to share pictures of their 1lb 12oz  fully grown 1 1/2 year old Yorkshire Terrier Chanel! Lilliana loves her little girl from Pocket Puppies! Call Pocket Puppies and request to be put on a wait list for future 1 lb yorkies!
Hey pocket puppies we wanted to give you all a update on Ragazzo!!
We enjoy him everyday! He's the best thing that has happen to us. Thanks again for such a amazing little boy yorkie!!!

I got Cooper from Pocket Puppies 2 years ago. He is an amazing dog! He has the biggest personality, he is so sweet and smart and loves to play. I am so lucky to have him in my life. Cooper has added so much joy and has become my best friend. 
I wanted to share some more recent photos of him. 
Courtney Cohen
I'm fairly confident that we snagged the most perfect pup to ever come through Pocket Puppies.  He is hilarious and loves being around us - following us around the house, sleeping at our feet or desperately trying to get on our laps. We love him.  He's 3 and a half months and about 8lbs :) 


We bought Fred from your store on 9/17/2014. He is a little over 3 months old now and doing very well. Fred is such a good dog--full of energy and affection... not to mention how adorable he is! We thank you for bringing Fred into our lives. We love him so much!

Roaya Namdari

Just wanted to share some photos of our Tuxie! He's such a sweet puppy!!

Samantha Taylor

I frequently browse your website, and decided that I had to submit one of my favorite pictures of Hank, one of our two pocket puppies. Hank is a malti-pom and almost 5 years old, but he still has the personality of a puppy. He loves anyone who will hold him, and though a feisty little guy at playtime, he is the perfect definition of a “lap dog.” His favorite activities are playing with his sister Darla (not blood-related), going for car rides, and sleeping. He especially loves trips to Starbucks for his “puppy-chino.” Our dogs, Hank and Darla, are both from pocket puppies, and we can’t imagine our lives without them!! 

Taylor Matichak


I've attached photos of my partner & I's dog, Bruce. He's the perfect companion for cuddling and going on walks. He loves being around people and also loves to bark every now and then at 2 AM when he misses us. He turns 2 in January and in April we will have him officially for two years. This little guy brings so much light into our lives and reminds us that great things really do come in small packages :). Thank you so much for letting us get this little booger. We couldn't be happier!

Tanner & Mynor

Professional Baseball Player for the Chicago White Sox Hector Santiago (Pitcher) and wife Esther Santiago stop by Pocket Puppies Boutique to adopt a Toy Poodle and Teacup Yorkshire Terrier.

Here is Paulie:

He is my Malshi that we purchased from Pocket Puppies last year on February 10th.  He Turned 1yrs old on 12/1/2013. He is the most loved pup!  He receives love and gives it right back to everyone in our family J  We couldn’t picture our life without him!!!!!

Here are some pictures of him while watch the Bears game on relaxing  Sunday and another picture of him napping after a day of eating and playing J

Renee Saunoras

Just writing to let you know how much we love our 10lb havapeke Teddy!  He is such a rare and adorable mix of breeds, we get stopped all the time.  He is almost 2 years old now and still playing fetch all day long.  He also loves to sit in his car seat and go for rides and give kisses.  He has brought indescribable joy to our lives.  Thank you thank you.


Jill K

This is our precious teacup yorkie named diva!
She has made a great addition to our family and we are absolutely crazy about her.
Thank you for such an amazing puppy
Leslie K 

Hello Pocket Puppies employees!

I came in November 1, 2013 to purchase a sweet little Morkie from your store and wanted to send you some updated photos of my sweet girl. When I first brought her home she resembled Corduroy Bear from the children's books that I decided to name her Bear.  My little bear cub has brought me so much happiness! She still loves to ride around in the sleepy pod that we walked out of your store in, too. I hope you enjoy the photos and once again, thank you thank you thank you!


Summer Petro 


This is Chloe, my teacup Shih Tzu.

Coco is now a little over 2 years and is constantly being a diva. She loves getting her attention and gets jealous very easily.


Our Sadie Rose, a malti-pom, is 2 1/2 years old.  She has added so much joy to our lives.  Thank you to Pocket Puppies!!

Beth and John Santopolo



We LOVE our little puppy Callie. She's already made a real difference in our house. Though the pictures show her ability to sleep anywhere, she also loves playing fetch and tug of war. We're glad we went to Pocket Puppies and couldn't be happier with our Mal-shi puppy Callie.

Diego purchased at pocket puppies 2008....my kids says they want to be reincarnated and come back to earth as my dog!

~Valeri Sillas

I bought my little dog, Henry in October 1012. It's the best thing I could have ever done. He is a funny and sweet companion and keeps me soo entertained. The most important thing is he is healthy and super active. I recommend pocket puppies to anyone I know who expresses a serious desire to adopt a tiny dog. Thank you!!

Candace Novak


Ribeye just wanted to wish Pocket Puppies a happy new year! Pic attached! He is now almost 9 months old and weighs 2 pounds! Vet thinks he will be 3 pounds maximum fully grown possibly less. Ribeye is truly a teacup!

He flew on a plane with me to California for the holidays and handled everything very well. We have learned that he gets carsick so when we drive he has to stay in his carrier.

Ribeye loves to eat his chicken flavor Spots Stew and has Cesar's filet mignon flavor as a special treat. He still likes his Royal Canin dry food too although we are slowly switching him to another all natural dry kibble by a reputable brand called Orijen. When he is extra good Ribeye is allowed an all natural chicken jerky strip that's made in the US. He also loves his Flossies! Gets a new one every week.

Stay warm Pocket Puppies!

Christa and Ribeye





Hey pocket puppies,

My family purchased a party teacup yorkie from you guys less than a year ago and he has been the greatest dog. He's loving, he playful, and has a great personality. He was placed on the counter and decided to climb in the sink! Hopefully we can get another from pocket puppies!

Williams, Wolfe, Bruner, Simes family 

Hi guys,

This is Truck and we got her at pocket puppies. She is two years old now and a ball of energy!

Your friends,
Erika Stein and Dane Williams

I bought my male yorkie (Rascal) from you in February of 2012, and in December he will be 2 years old. In January of this year I bought a parti yorkie (Zero)from you as well and the two of them play together constantly and sometimes get into little fights.  Long story short, the parti got too aggressive with the other male and I had to get stitches in his arm but the cast they put on him was the cutest thing in the world.  I attached a picture of that to this email.  He is doing fine now and is more crazy than ever.  A few days after the stitches in the arm I took him to get neutered and woke up the next morning to realize that he had chewed all of the stitches out on his own, but to my and the doctor’s amazement he didn’t need more stitches or anything they said he was healing perfectly and that he was okay to go home.I have also attached a picture of the parti and the other male in a valentine’s day photo from earlier this year.

Hope you enjoy, I have a ton more if you want to see those too!

Christopher Hilton

Suki my 4 month old Maltese has changed my life in so many ways. It's the little things in life that mean the most, that being said I'd like to thank Pocket Puppies for the great experience, the orientation was beyond my expectations, couldn't be more grateful!

Just wanted to send some pictures of my little girl Kiwi I purchased from you earlier this year. She is such a joy to have. 
When I picked her up a picture was taken of her and my family ...I was wondering if you still had that photo and if I could have it?

Thank you!
Meredith & Kiwi 

This is Penny The Pomeranian from Pocket Puppies.  Her Mommy and Daddy thought she was so cute they created her own Website! http://pennythepom.com/

Kennedy will be 2 years old in December. She is pure joy weighing in at 7.5 pounds. I adopted her on President's Day February 2012. 

Bella says...."GO BEARS!!!"


Me and my boyfriend got knapsack in late October. We are both so in love with him and we wanted to share with you this adorable picture of him and his big brother lunchbox! Thank you so much pocket puppies we couldn't be happier with our baby!

Marissa Hulin


This is Ghost Face Rabin Maloon. We adopted him in April, and he is the best little imp in the world. 
We couldn't be happier or love him more!
Danya Maloon, Mommy of Ghost Face

Hi Team,


I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Poquito into my life.  He has brought so much joy to everyone he meets and to my life especially.  I never thought I could love an animal so much.  He is doing well and loving his new home.  I just wanted to send a quick update.


All the Best,


Hi! I got a frenchie there 3 yrs ago and he is just perfect! I want another! How much are the blue french bulldogs? Here is a picture of Maximus to add to your website

Lynzie Hazan 





Ricky Grimaldo


This is Bear a teacup Pomeranian. We got our little baby in March. He is doing great and has been such an amazing addition to the family! He is now 6 months and weighs 3.5 lbs. 
Thank You Pocket Puppies for the sweetest little fur ball in the world !

~Grayson Coulter



Jessica and Jesse III "Tre" Jackson son and daughter of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and Alderman Sandi Jackson stop by to adopt a Malti-Poo girl!


Zoey playing in the couch!
Zoey sleeping with her new sister coco!

Julia Nicholas



We took our baby Sushi home in April and we just love her to pieces!! She loves to play with other dogs and is very well behaved...except when she gets groomed! Hope to see u all again soon! 
The Garza's


Here is a pic of Ribeye the Chorkie ! He is the best little dog, totally healthy and happy. Vet said he has a "beautiful heartbeat". Ribeye is so smart he was completely potty trained in three days. Such a good boy. Thank you Pocket Puppies!


This is Wub (as in "I Wub you")and we purchased her from Pocket Puppies on March 23rd. She is a happy, playful frenchie! -Matt and Megan Born


This is coco . She's a year and a half . She loves attention and demands for belly rubs!


We just adopted A Shiffon. We named her Audrey Monroe and we sometimes call her Dree. she is so playful and loves to pounce on everything! we absolutely love her ! she's a new member of the Deiger family!

~Deiger Family


Hi Lane,
I was just in the store with my friend Casey who adopted a puppy. I told you I adopted a maltipoo named Callie three years ago. I thought I would send you a pic of Callie now. She is the smartest sweetest dog in the world and best decision I ever made.



This is Coco we adopted him from Pocket Puppies, is a very playful mini french bulldog and he is now our new member of the Bravo family. 

~Juli Bravo

Here are a few pictures of Milo (mini Daschund) who I bought from your store about a month ago. He's doing great and we are so happy with him! Maybe he can be the featured pocket puppy! :)
Thank you!
Katie Hertel

So we are the ones that keep calling about the male Yorkie with his ears down! Here is our baby, Charlie. We bought her from you in September! I've attached a few pictures of her! She is healthy, loving and her face is simply irresistible. She lives in complete luxury and loves every second of it! She was worth every penny and we are so thankful she is healthy! I've attached some photos!
Allison and Jon 

We just adopted a teddy bear, Louie, last week and he's the best puppy! Thank you so much for all your help. My family got their puppy from Pocket Puppies 2 years ago and we will continue with the tradition when we decide to get another :)

 -Drew and Frankie


This is Nolli, I got her from the pocket puppy store in July of 2012. She is a malti-poo. Not only is she my pet, she is my best friend. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch, but she also like to help me clean around the house. Nolli is a loving puppy who I wouldn't know what to do without her.
~Alexandra Trombley

EMMA with Ben

Dear Pocket Puppies,

Here are some photos of Phoebe, our 12 week old Morkie. She is precious & we are enjoying every minute with her!

She loves to come with us to the grocery store, and is excited to pick up her twin brothers from school!

~ The Levine Family from Northbrook


Hello! My name is Jacob. I'm super friendly and love to cuddle. I'm pretty mellow and love playing with my toys.

~Veronica. Thanks Lane!


Hello everyone at Pocket Puppies,


Here is a picture of our babies Benji & Gracie,Yorkshire Terriers, celebrating Christmas Eve 2012.  We adopted Benji from Pocket Puppies in 2007 and Gracie in 2008.  Benji, top, will be 6 years old on 2/14/2013, Valentine's Day, and Gracie will be 5 years old on 2/12/2013.  We learned of Pocket Puppies in the news back in 2006/2007.  I told my son about the place and he in turn told his father in-law, who went to Pocket Puppies just to look and brought home Buddy, Maltese, that same day, wish I had a picture of him, but he's beautiful and doing great.


Shortly after our son and his wife saw Tyson, on the web site, Miniature Pinscher, went right after work and brought him home.  My husband and I decided to take a ride no intentions of bringing a baby home as I was afraid of dogs, needless to say came home with Benji.  Subsequently the following year our son brought home Rocky, another Min Pin, and we followed with Gracie.  I thank God every day that we took that ride back in May, 2007, otherwise I would have never gotten over the fear of dogs, but most importantly been so blessed to know and experience such joy and unconditional love.


Hoping to visit you one more time!!




This is Cooper! I adopted him last week from pocket puppies and he is doing great! I am very lucky to have him
Thank you!!

Courtney Cohen


My husband and I adopted the most amazing little french bulldog puppy, Winston this past May at Pocket Puppies. He is truly a joy and has the sweetest most loving personality! He loves everyone and is always to be the life of the party (or dog park)! We absolutely adore our sweet boy! I've attached a picture of Winston in his Batman Halloween costume and a few others of our adorable little guy.


Kara, John and & Winston


Nala is doing great and loves her new home. We adore her and cannot believe how much joy she brings into our lives. Thank you!

Samara Rubin and Nick Kunkler



Yoshi is 3 1/2 months now! He is 2.3lbs. He is the best!!!!! :)) 


ThaiHoa Huynh

This is my little girl Kiwi, I got her from Pocket Puppies over the summer, and she's now back with me in the Netherlands and traveling all around Europe. She is now 5 months old and couldn't be a healthier, happier more lovably dog. The amount of attention she attracts is unreal, whenever I walk with her, I feel like I'm walking a celebrity. But at the end of the day, it's just me and Kiwi and I couldn't be happier with the puppy I picked up from Chicago 3 months ago :)

Anggi Spyckerelle

Introducing Butterscotch...a Pocket Puppy...3 yrs old..Maltese @ Pom mix. He was Weather Dog yesterday (01/14/14) on WCIU TV chnl 9 Morning Show! His Mommy is Laura J Muller

He's doing very well ;-) 

Brian Schaer


Melissa and Snickers at home having fun!!! I love my puppy!!!!

~Melissa Hoffman

Here are a couple of pictures of our dear Soleil. I hope you remember her! She is now 1 year and 3 months old. She loves to play with socks and lick our toes as soon as we get out of the shower. Her "Chewnel" purse from pocket puppies is still one of her favorite toys. She will always sleep in our big bed and once she has taken over an area, it is hers to keep!



Jenna Franklin and Michael Whelan

This is an update on BeBe. She is a year old already and had the best birthday any dog could have! She is a very sweet little girl who is extremely spoiled by everyone! She loves to cuddle with you and is the best thing thats ever happened to me.

~Stephanie Esquivel

Grizzly was born May 5th last year but I got him one year ago for my birthday. What a great present and buddy for life!

~L Gregory

Tara & Bryce Drew (Former Professional Basketball Player for the Chicago Bulls and current head coach for Valparaiso University) celebrate "Sophie's" one year birthday with a delish bone cake! Sophie is a beautiful all white Pomeranian the Drew's adopted from Pocket Puppies.
Mamie (Pomeranian) is a real joy! She now weights 5.5 and 90% potty trained. She loves going for long walks, but most of all she loves water. We can't wait to take her to Puerto Vallarta where she can wade in the Pool. She is very sweet and well adjusted.
Kelley Killian
Here is a couple pictures of my long haired Chihuahua, Bruce, that I bought from Pocket Puppies 2 years ago! We had a fashion show with him. You should feature him on your website :)

~Alexandra Frehr

We bought her from here 4 years ago. Her name is Gracie. She is the best dog in the world. Is friendly to everyone and loves being held.

This is Coby, we brought him from you guys in nov 2011, Coby now lives in Puerto Rico and is spoiled and love by everyone in the family!
Thank you very much for this bundle of joy!
Mrs. Rivera
Puerto Rico

Dear Pocket Puppies Staff,

 We got our little Milo about a month ago and he is doing great! He gets along really well our other dog Jovie. Everytime we take them for a walk about ten people ask where we got him and how old he is.
 Jovie is now one and three quarters years old and weighs a grand total of 5.5 pounds, Milo weighs 2 pounds. The two dogs get along fantastically.
( Milo (left) and Jovie (right))
 They love each other so much!
 Thank you for bringing these wonderful puppies into our lives,
 Quinlan and Ainsley Owen


Here is Theodore Peppers! He is a 6lb 15 month old Yorkie Pap that came home with me last March from Pocket Puppies. He loves going on walks and getting compliments for being the cutest dog in the neighborhood. He loves to lick and play and dig and bounce around. Here he is before and after haircuts…doesn’t get any cuter than that!

Thank you Pocket Puppies!

~Kristie Luda


Hey Lane and Pocket puppies Staff,

Here is my little diva Macy. She is 9 months and was the smallest dog that came out of pocket puppies at 11 ounces! She is now 4 lbs and is very healthy! She loves to play at the dog park with LARGE DOGS (she also thinks she is a large dog). Everywhere I go people tell me I have the CUTEST dog they have ever seen! Thank you so much for giving me so much joy by finding her for me! xo

Marissa Iacovoni
CEO, Owner

Project Designer

This is Tia (Shih-Tzu) adopted from you in October 2007 and the most amazing dog ever!

~Woodnick Family

We have had Lola for 6 months now and we absolutely love her! Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family!!! Looking forward to visiting again soon and finding her a brother or sister! Thanks!!
The McCabe family

Hi Lane,
I got our French Bulldog "Oscar" from you 3 years in August. I'm so very sorry that it's taken this long to get a picture to you.
Oscar is doing great! We are extremely happy with him as part of our family. He gets along very well with our 7 year male Pug "Cecil" It was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff. We have told several people about you and Pocket Puppies. We will certainly be back. Darrel, Suzanne, Cecil and Oscar.

~Darrel Koch

This is Athena, she is a two year old Havamalt (Havanese/Maltese). She is absolutely adorable she is seven pounds fully grown sweet as can be. Everywhere we go people stop us to ask us about her. We love her.

~Yovana Rathbone

Thank you to Layne and his professional staff. "Hillel" is Chris's  new teacup Havanese made it home to Kentucky from Chicago. She laid in her pink bed we bought from you all like a queen all the way on her voyage to a happy home. Your staff was so professional as we blind folded Chris to surprise him of his new dog he had wanted. I want the public to know that you all were very professional, honest, and caring in all that you do. Hillel is happy and glad to call Kentucky home.

Dr. Craig A. Carter

Minnie (Yorkshire Terrier) is pictured with her big sister Alexia. She loves her flossies, playing with her tiger and going to work with mom. Overall she's just a princess! :)

~Krystin Dellaca



Frankie (she's a girl) was adopted by me on March 10th. She'll be 14 weeks old this Sunday. She's a teacup yorkie-poo and she's wearing her Easter shirt in this pic. She's the most adorable puppy EVER! :)

Her Mommy,
Tara Benson

Hi lane,

Here is Betty (a teacup Yorkshire Terrier from Pocket Puppies). She is 3lbs and she just turned 5 yrs old. She is the light of my life and very popular on walks :)

Whitney Morse

Hi, Lane:

I wanted to update you on Barkley, my 4 month old (to the day!) Havashire pup.  I bought her at your store in December and can’t imagine what I did without her!  She is excelling in her puppy class and very much the teacher’s pet J  Thank you and your store for everything you do to bring these amazing puppies into people’s lives.

Attached are a few pictures.  She rarely is sitting long enough to take a photo so I love when one finally turns out!


Elyse Eagle


This is my Pocket Puppy Charlie! He is a 4 year old Shih-Tzu. He loves to swing in the park and sunny days. :)

Isabel McCanna

This is Candi at 4 months (Teacup Pomeranian). She's simply adorable, smart, playful, & the attraction of everywhere I go. Oh! & she's finally 2 lbs! I don't know if you remember, but she was one of your very tiny ones. Anyway, I'm so happy to have her in my life. Thanks!
ps. Say hello to Javier for me. He's such a nice person and was super helpful!

This is little Izzy  (a Poodle from Pocket Puppies), settled in at home in England after a trip from Chicago!

~Sarah Crook

MeMe Elizabeth is a MaltiPoo born on Aug. 2, 2007  who found her forever home on Oct. 9, 2007. She is my best friend and the light of my life. MeMe loves to go on vacation to Carmel, CA where she is a Roving Reporter for the Doggie Gazette, a paper written by dogs, for dogs. MeMe enjoys playing fetch in the park and in the living room, chewing on a bone with marrow, chasing our 3 cats, and going for long rides in her stroller. And her all time favorite activity is to visit Pocket Puppies for the love and treats.

~Laura Lamar


This my puppy fluffy I bought him 5 months ago and adore him his such a playful dog...and so protective I would so buy another dog from u guys thank u for your amazing service...

Sincerely Nydia v Rivera


This my 7 month old Maltese Bebe from Pocket Puppies. She's 4 pounds full of love!! She loves to impress by doing lots of tricks and always dressing up in her fabulous clothes!! I definitely love my Bebe!

~Stephanie Esquivel

This is Oliver. I got him from you guys in September 2009. He's 2 and a half. He's a Pomapoo :)

Lindsey Wentzel


Do you all have a Facebook page? I'd love to show off some pictures of the most adorable pocket puppy in the world...Elliott.

Thank you soo much, he's the most amazing little guy in the world!


Hey Pocket Puppies,

I wanted to give you guys and update on my little Grey.  He came into my life last year on October 5, 2010 and has been nothing but wonderful! Despite the grumpy look from his photo that was taken after his first hair cut, Grey is super lovable, smart, and cuddly!  He is 7 lbs. and has been super healthy, minus an ear infection, since I brought him home last year.  I am 110% satisfied with him.  I hope many more of your puppies go to loving homes---they are simple the best J

All the best!

David Wilk



Dear Pocket Puppies:

This is Coco Harriet Drake she is so loved in the Drake household. She loves playing with her mini tennis balls and watching the Bears with her mommy and daddy. As you can see she is ready for football season.

We love our pocket puppy so much. Thank you for finding such a wonderful baby to complete our family.


Stephanie and Harry Drake


This little guy is Chuy he is an awesome addition to the family, my son Nathaniel absolutely adores him.. Chuy has made friends with other dogs in the neighborhood we actually attended a birthday party for a little Yorkie next door it was pretty fun to see him interact with other dogs and now I'm sure he can't wait for his birthday bash in April :) well I hope you enjoy the pictures.. My husband and I were actually wondering why our photo never made it to the adoption list!? Can you e-mail it to us that would be great! Thank you

Chuy is a shih-tzu puppy the one of the rarest & cutest ever he gets sooo many compliments on his color & the way he looks my mini Chewbacca everyone loves him he is so full of energy him & my son (his big brother) together are very energetic & playful with each other.. My husband and I couldn't be any more blessed bringing home a perfect addition to the family :)

Mercedes, Roy, & Nathaniel Ramos


Coco is almost a year old! She's a Pom-A-Poo. Coco enjoys taking afternoon naps in her princess bed, playing with her favorite toy, her elephant, and running around the yard on sunny days with our other dog, Baby. She also loves belly rubs, fetch and the occasional reality tv show. She hates being alone and hates going to the vet. She is the happiest, most energetic ball of fluff anyone could ask for :)
Her proud family,
The Giannini's


Here is Rocky. He is our second pocket puppy, and one of our five
yorkies! We love this little guy, he has the best personality and so
energetic and loving! He loves the pool and hanging out outside!




My mini-long haired dachshund Willa (pocket puppies alum!) and I visited you a few weeks ago, and we were asked to send along a few photos of her. I adopted her in February 2010 and have had such a blessed and wonderful year and half with her! We are so in love with her, we'd love to expand our family and add another dachshund to spread the love! Please let us know when and if you will have any mini doxies in the next year at Pocket Puppies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Laura Clemons

Hi Lane,

It was so nice to finally meet you today! I have attached a few photos of Dean Martin, my amazing little puppy - some older, some more recent. He's growing up so fast. He is so happy and healthy and I am thrilled!

Take care,



We were just in yesterday and bought your Porkie Female! We had a lovely experience and are already over joyed with her. She slept through the night last night and is taking very well to going pottie outside. She is so happy and playful and my husband and I couldn't be more delighted about our new addition to our home! We're in love!

Here are a few pictures taken yeterday.


Lydia and Denny Lange



Here is a little update on my little baby Porkie, Carmela.  She is almost 6 months old and under 6 pounds.  She thinks she is a very large dog.  She loves everybody and and anything: people, dogs, and cats.  I think she gets offended when people do not notice her when she walks down the street.  For a little dog she is very lively.  She eats like a big dog, plays like a big dog, and loves going on walks.  It may be because her big brother is a lab!  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!  Attached are two photos.  She has started growing out of her puppy hair.  She is no longer a big fur ball, but she is growing up to be a lovely little young lady.


~Angela Hare

Hey Lane,

We just wanted to give an update on Bella. She is a big dog packaged in a nearly 3 pound body. She has an infectious personality that just makes everyone smile. Bella enjoys traveling and going to the nursing home to visit with the residents. She is able to accompany us on most of our trips, so she now has elite status with American Airlines and prefers first class to coach. Her best buds are Morkie and Ella, she enjoys sleep overs any time. She fills our home with joy on a daily basis. Here are some recent pictures of her.

Chris and Jerry

This is Bambi! She's a Pomeranian poodle mix just under 3-lbs soaking wet and bout a year and a half in age.

She's terrific!

P.S. Another photo of lil Bambi sitting on my bed pillow... She loves to sleep right near my shoulder and pose for pictures!

Her gentle feminine personality is always a pleasure



Hey Lane,

Wanted to update you on my two adorable pocket puppies. They are healthy and very happy :)  We have moved from Chicago and settled in Michigan. they love beach and even go swimming in Lake Michigan. They are the loves of my life and I
am so happy that I got them from Pocket Puppies. They have been the perfect addition to my family.

Jenna Doering , Penny Lane, Chihuahua  age 3 , Sgt. Pepper Chihuahua age 3








I adopted two Chihuahuas from Pocket Puppies in the fall of 2007. They are an amazing part of my life and I couldn't imagine being without them! Here are some of their adorable photos. We just celebrated their fourth birthdays. Thank you so much for these little furry bundles of joy! They are healthy, happy, and spoiled rotten.

Jenna Doering

These are long in coming, but here are the pictures of my little man biscuit!!!  He has become our building mascot and is the love of my life!

~Katy Sandberg

Midge is the CUTEST Maltese! I have a sleuth of friends who aren’t dog lovers (weird, right?) and are now obsessed with dogs after meeting Midge! She loves to go for walks and cheer for her favorite sports teams. In the one picture I attached, she’s getting ready for a walk in the snow with her booties and long-johns on.

Julie Kistinger

My name is Jenni Santin and this is Fea, she was purchased from pocket puppies and will be turning 3 in February. She loves helping me do my homework and posing for pictures, as you can tell in the attached photos!  Hope we make it on to the pocket puppies website!!!!


Hi Lane,
I'm sending a picture of Fea a Yorkie we adopted 3 yrs ago, she just turned 3 on February 24th. Here she is after her "rockstar" grooming before her birthday party!! =)

Hi Pocket Puppies Staff:

Here's a photo of our bulldog pocket puppy, Duffy.  He is 6 months old and is wearing his favorite Bears jersey from Pocket Puppies store!  He is so perfect and we love him so much!  He should definitely be your featured pocket puppy next time since the current featured dog is his brother, Biscuit!
The Proud Mom and Pop Bulldog Owners,
Jenny Gross and Steve Serota


We got Milo, our Maltese almost four years ago and are getting ready to celebrate his 4th birthday on March 27th.  We wanted to share with you his fantastic lifestyle.  One of these days I’ll talk my fiancé into getting a brother or sister for Milo.

Thanks for everything!

Bethany Sirt

Hi Lane,

Artful Dodger will be 3 in July and he is 3lbs.  He loves apples, having his tummy rubbed, and sleeping in the laundry basket.  He hates mud, the door bell and anything made of fleece.


This is Chance, our 1 year old malti-poo pocket puppy! He is a very energetic pound puppy with lots of personality! He loves going for walks & playing with the biggest dogs he can find. He has been a joy to us & we love him a lot! Thanks Pocket Puppies for our special little guy!!

mommy & daddy,

Becca & Mike

This is Marlee; I adopted him in June, 2008 from Pocket Puppies. He likes to chew, play keep away and is a total mama's boy. His mommy is Katie and his daddy is Kevin.



Lulu is 3lbs of pure love. I adopted her 2/15/10 and that was one of the best days of my life. Lulu is a beautiful Morkie and has filled my life with love and happiness. She is the 2nd Pocket Puppies adoption in our family and Izzy is just as wonderful.

Thank you
Carole Herzog:-)-)


Thank you so much Pocket Puppies!! We love our new addition to the family.. our little boy Ragazzo, Which means Little man in Italian.
thanks so much,
Peter, Stephanie and Amelia Akordor



This is Vera Rosa! I love her!!! She's such an intelligent puppy! She's a joy, from Pocket Puppies! Compliments all the time on her behavior and cuteness. My name is Katie Cremer and her daddy's name is Tyler Fates!  So thrilled :)



Hi this is Shrimp, he's a 4 year old 3 1/2 lb Long Haired Teacup Chihuahua. Lulu is a 2 year old 3lb Teacup Pomeranian and they were both purchased at Pocket Puppies. We were concerned they wouldn't get along but as you can see they're inseparable! We love them both so much!

Mike Gerber



Boo Primack

16 months 6 pounds

booprimack on facebook

boomack on instagram

We love our Boo he's the best little guy he thinks he's a rottweiler.


-Bob Primack





This is Barley and he loves fetch and digging under the covers until he gets all staticky!

His Mom is Caroline and his Dad is Mike.

We just love him!!! J



Hi Lane,

Here is the picture we took yesterday when we picked up our Mini Bulldog.

We love her!

We forgot to get her microchip!


Gineen, Debbie and Dani Hecht



I just wanted to send you some pictures of Brutus, our little yorkie-pap. We got him from your store in March and are so glad we did!

Delma and Sergio Flores

This is my pocket puppy Lulu Bear:)  She is 7 months now!! I got her from you guys over this past summer. Thought I would share her with you guys!


I love my new pocket puppy (Havanese). His name is H.

~Soynia Gilliam



Our puppy LuLu who is a Parti Morkie and just had her 1st birthday.


~Amanda Tello

Macy Morris 
3 years old! Havanese! Perfection! Love of our lives! 

Kara Morris 


Rosie, an English Bulldog from Pocket Puppies, is dressed as a Pumpkin for Halloween!


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